2021 Lockdown Album on the way!

Well, it’s been a crazy year for all of us. We made a conscious decision early on to keep the music coming for however long this ‘pandemic thing’ is gonna take. We’ve played a load of ‘Livestream Gigs’ from our living room and you’ve responded in kind! We’re soooo grateful to everyone who has tuned in, sent comments, strengthened our community and even donated money. Incredible! We promised that every penny will go towards the recording of a new album and we can now proudly announce that it’s well underway. We’ve recorded all of the songs at home and they’re now being Mastered by a wizard named Gareth. We’re REALLY pleased with the way things are going and we’ll do our best to keep you updated. Meanwhile, the gigs will continue – don’t go anywhere!! Love, Loraine and Pete.

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