A wonderful Cajun weekend at Welshampton!!

Last weekend we played a memorable gig in a Yurt in the Festival Field at Welshampton’s ‘North Shropshire Cajun & Zydeco Big Weekend’. The performance was in the late afternoon/ early evening on the Sunday of the festival (16th August), which is run by our lovely friends from that village; what an amazing, successful event they have created in such a small, rural village!!
We played a non-Cajun set and there was no entry fee, although we did ask for donations towards Cystic Fibrosis research, a cause very close to our hearts.
Well, the Yurt was filled with folks keen to hear what we do; we even had to ask folks to bring their own camping chairs because all of those provided were quickly taken!! It was a lovely, sunny afternoon and many more folks listened from outside on the grass while we played an hour-long acoustic set.
Nothing could have prepared us for the warmth of feeling from our attentive audience; they listened, they sang, they laughed – AND they cried!!
We made many new friends that evening, and our musical community continues to grow: how fortunate we are to able to encounter such fine people in such wonderful environments!!
After the performance many folks stayed to chat and to pour out their emotions!! For this, we thank you all.
Then, when it was all over, we counted the donations – and we kept counting!! We achieved a breathtaking total of £643.50 which included an incredible donation from John & Glyn from Yorkshire Cajun ((Please see the pic below). John had announced, during our performance, that, as a representative of Yorkshire Cajun, he would double whatever we raised: words cannot tell how grateful we all are for their generosity: THANK YOU!!
So, there we are. What have learned from this experience? Well, we have learned, again, that the concept of ‘Community’ can be very powerful. When you get like-minded people together and share an experience, the impact can be so positive, so long-lasting and so damned pleasant, especially if you throw music into the mix; those songs, those stories, they keep on having a profound effect upon people, some of whom we are meeting for the first time.
Thank you to everyone who allowed this moment to happen; long may this community continue to grow!!
Loraine & Pete
‘bakerfield’.Welshampton Cajun 2015

yurt 2015

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